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Gyakuzoku Atsukai! Shinsengumi Nanger ~Toba-Fushimi WARS~ Lyrics + Translation

The new sentai-themed TVKC song, finally released last night! ...about five hours ago, actually. Everyone's really on top of uploading and now I'm really on top of translating, I guess :D

Hijikata Toshizou (Omi Youichirou), Harada Sanosuke (Yamada Yuuki), Inoue Genzaburou (Tsuchiya Shion), Nagakura Shinpachi (Mitsuya Ryou), Saitou Hajime (Jinnai Sho)


Kyou no miyako o oidasare semaru wa aku no shinseifugun
Toba no fushimi no bugyousho fukin de gonin no senshi ga tachiagaru
Zangyaku kiwamaru KYANON o aite ni
SAMURAI SOODO de ousen da
Yatsura ga kakageta nishiki no mihata ga
Kaze ni nabikeba sore ga aizu da gyakuzoku

Haisen houkoku kikoetekitara naisho de kaeru zo soudaishou
Kyokuchou utarete fusanka dakedo chikara o awase
Oosakajou e zenryoku tettai
Warera gyakuzoku atsukai
Shinsengumi NANJAA

Tatoe taihou no kyoui ni zetsubou shiyou tomo
Tatoe kazoku to no towa no wakare ni narou tomo
Tatoe tettai meirei o mushi shite juudan ni taoreyou tomo
Tatoe kacchuu ga omosugite hei o norikoerarenaku tomo
Tatoe karui kizu o otta teido no shijitsu shika nokottenaku tomo
Fuhoni nagara

Warera gyakuzoku atsukai Shinsengumi NANJAA

Haisen houkoku kikoetekitara damatte kaeru zo soudaishou
Souji mo yamai de fusanka dakedo kokoro hitotsu ni
Oosakajou e kousoku tettai
Warera gyakuzoku atsukai
Shinsengumi NANJAA


京の都を追い出され 迫るは悪の新政府軍
鳥羽の伏見の奉行所付近で 五人の戦士が立ち上がる
奴らが掲げた 錦の御旗が
風になびけば それが合図だ 逆賊

敗戦報告 聞こえてきたら 内緒で帰るぞ 総大将
局長撃たれて不参加だけど 力を合わせ

我らが逆賊扱い 新撰組ナンジャー!

敗戦報告 聞こえてきたら 黙って帰るぞ 総大将
総司も病で不参加だけど 心一つに


Driven out of the capital of Kyoto, with the troops of the evil new government approaching
Near the Toba-Fushimi magistrate’s office, five warriors stand
With extremely cruel cannons as our opponents
We fight back with samurai swords!!
When the brocade banner they raised
Blows in the wind, that’s the signal. Rebel

When he heard the news of his defeat, the supreme commander left in secret
Our commander was attacked and couldn’t participate, but we joined forces
Retreat at full force to Osaka castle
We’re treated as rebels,
Shinsengumi Nanger!

Even if I fall into despair over the menace of their cannons
Even if I am separated from my family forever
Even if I ignore the order to retreat and fall to a bullet
Even if my armor is too heavy and I can’t get over the wall
Even if the only historical record that remains is the number of light wounds I received
We’re treated as rebels, Shinsengumi Nanger!

When he heard the news of his defeat, the supreme commander left without saying anything
Souji was sick and couldn’t participate, but our hearts were one
Retreat at high speed to Osaka castle
We’re treated as rebels,
Shinsengumi Nanger!


This song deals with the Battle of Toba-Fushimi, the start of the Boshin War, in which Aizu's forces including many Shinsengumi members were defeated by the Satsuma-Choushuu forces. They were joined by the imperial forces, who flew a brocade banner. Since the Emperor had just been restored to power, this immediately forced rebel status upon the Aizu side.

While Choushuu and Satsuma were well equipped with the latest Western weapons including cannons as well as other guns, Aizu still had many soldiers equipped only with archaic samurai armor and swords. Although the Aizu forces outnumbered their opponents 3 to 1, their inferior weaponry led them to an overwhelming defeat.

After retreating to Osaka castle, the supreme commander and shogun Tokugawa Yoshinobu snuck out and escaped to Edo.

Shinsengumi Commander Kondo Isami had been attacked by rebels a month earlier and was still recovering. Okita Souji was suffering from tuberculosis at the time of the battle, and was also unable to fight.

After this battle, Hijikata was inspired to embrace Western culture and began to use guns in addition to his sword. Harada, who was married at the time, returned to Edo later in the war to see his family after he was injured, but it is thought that he died before he was able to see them. Inoue was shot and killed in battle at Yodo, which is where the order to retreat to Osaka was given.

Happy stuff all around.
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